WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option For Android

WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option
WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option

WhatsApp is working very hard on user security and privacy, recently in the last few months, they have introduced a lot of features that help users to secure their data. In that bucket of security features, WhatsApp rolling out New Verification Option that helps users to verify their accounts.

Recently WhatsApp has rolled out a tremendous feature that enhances the WhatsApp user’s experience, you can check out our recent articles that help you to know about them in detail. Let’s get back to our New verification Features, in that you will get 6 digits of code that helps you to verify your account while login in.

Today we are discussing this new verification option in detail and the main important things are how you will get this feature and your WhatsApp account. Let’s start with what this new verification option feature is.

WhatsApp’s new verification option feature

In this feature, you will get a verification option in your WhatsApp account with 6- a digit code. This is a very useful feature especially when you are logging in with your same device or in a different device unit to enter the six-digit verification code to login into your device.

This feature will work whenever you are trying to login into a different device or a verification code has been sent to your main device or main account. Then you need to enter this six-digit code in your Secondary device. After successfully entering the correct 6-digit code you can access your WhatsApp on both devices at Similar time.

Also many times some unknown person is trying to login into our WhatsApp. At that time also a six-digit verification code will arrive after this feature goes live, but you can simply ignore or cancel the request for a 6 digit verification code to log in to your WhatsApp. That’s a pretty cool feature and if it will be live it rocks the younger generations and especially those users who have more than one device with them.

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How to get the new verification option feature on your WhatsApp account

First of all, you need to wait a little bit more for getting this feature in your WhatsApp account because this is a very new feature and it was under testing by the WhatsApp team. Then after successfully reviewing and making proper changes, they will live with this feature in the next WhatsApp update, or in the next update, it will arrive on your smartphone.

But if you are very curious and want to access this feature now then you can try out the Android beta version of WhatsApp. In the beta version of WhatsApp, this feature has been live and users can use it and share reviews and feedback with WhatsApp.


Hopefully, you love this article and the new verification feature of WhatsApp. Lately, we know in the comment section whether you are excited about this feature or not. This is a very fabulous feature. Our team experienced this feature in the beta version and we had a positive impact and impression of it. We are just waiting for their final work on this feature and when they are going to live with it.

Also, share your feedback about this feature in the comment section and let us know if you have ever experienced this feature in the beta version or not. Please share this article with your friends and family members so that you can also learn about this new WhatsApp feature. Similarly, follow us for more interesting updates and tech news.


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