Apple Issues Important Warning to iPhone Users! Engaging in This Activity Could Lead to Significant Losses

Apple Issues Important Warning to iPhone Users
Apple Issues Important Warning to iPhone Users

Apple Issues Important Warning to iPhone Users: Apple released a clear warning to its users. There are times when phones get wet in water, a majority people put it in a bag.

However, Apple has stated that this can harm the phone. It could lead to tiny particles to get into the iPhone. This could cause damage to the device. This is why users shouldn’t take this risk at all.

If you’re an iPhone user, you ought be aware of this information. Recently, tech maker Apple has issued a specific advice for iPhone users.

Apple has informed customers that if their iPhone is stored in a rice bag to dry the device, it could cause harm for the phone. Please let us know about this story.

The idea of storing your iPhone in rice is heavy

Apple has warned that users should not are mistaken in putting the iPhone in the bag of rice in order to dry the device, they may harm the device.

iPhone users shouldn’t keep their phones in bags of rice to prevent water damage since this technique could cause more harm to the iPhone.

A statement from Apple advises you not to keep your iPhone inside a bag of rice. In this way, tiny rice particles could damage the iPhone.

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Advice do not do this

  • Apple has also advised users not to use items such as hair dryers or compressed air to eliminate liquid.
  • The company also advises to not use cotton sponges or paper towels in the event of an influx of water into the connector.
  • Apple has also stated that its flagship models can be submerged in 20 feet of water for 30 mins.

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How to dry a wet iPhone

iPhone's New Underwater Mode

Apple advises you to dry your iPhone by gently tapping the device with your hands using the connector that is facing downwards.

The process will take out any water from it, following which, you need to place the phone dry location that is ventilated and begin charging it via USB-C in 30 minutes.

As per the firm, it could be up to 24 hrs for an iPhone to fully dry, and users might be alerted to liquid up to the time it is.

The users should not charge their iPhone while it is damp. Instead, it should be charged after some time.

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