iPhone 15 Series Had a Best Battery Life Yet, Apple Reveals Details

iPhone 15 Series Had a Best Battery Life
iPhone 15 Series Had a Best Battery Life

iPhone 15 Series Had a Best Battery Life: Apple always upgrades its devices to offer a superior customer experience.

Recently, new data has emerged that shows it appears that the iPhone 15 series has longer battery life than its predecessor series.

Apple confirms this in addition you’ll also be able see the battery health of your phone within the Settings app, which is available with iOS 17.4.

iPhone 15 Series Had a Best Battery Life

Apple recently released a report which showed how iPhone 15 has a longer battery life. iPhone 15 series has a longer battery life compared to earlier models.

Apple claims it was the iPhone 15 series can retain the majority of its battery capacity in two times the number of charge cycles than the predecessors.

The company announced in a statement on Tuesday, that batteries on iPhone 15 models are designed to keep the 80 percent initial capacity for a total of 1000 charge cycles, in the ideal conditions.

The identical iPhone 14 and earlier models will keep more than 80 percent capacity when they are charged for 500 cycles.

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How do you check the battery of your smartphone? battery

  • If you own one of the iPhone 15 series phone You can open the Settings app to view the details that pertain to the battery’s information including the date of manufacturing date, initial usage date, and the number of charging cycles.
  • To do this, select the General tab and then About. We’ll tell you that these numbers aren’t accessible on iPhone 14 or older models.
  • With the release of iOS 17.4 update, you’ll be able locate these battery info in a different place in Settings. Settings app.

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You will be able to assess the battery’s condition

This year, in conjunction when it launched the iPhone 15 series, Apple introduced new battery stats to the Settings app. The new statistics is only available to the most recent iPhone models.

Let us inform you that as of the iOS 17.4 update the option of viewing battery health will be available on iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

To do this, you’ll have the option of checking these figures and also the state of the battery on your phone through settings > battery > Health.

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