Google Gemini’s Generative AI Feature Suddenly Disabled – Significant Mistake for Google

Generative AI Feature
Generative AI Feature

Generative AI Feature: One error in Gemini’s intelligent AI resulted in Google much money, for the fact that it was forced to end the feature.

Google had announced Gemini just recently. The artificial intelligence AI tool from Google has produced controversial images, for which it was criticized often. This is why it was shut down for a while.

Google has announced the AI software Gemini in India just a few days ago. Gemini comes complete with Gen AI feature, which can create images as well as text upon command. However, the moment it landed it was met with questions.

In reality the Google tool has produced some controversial images that have caused controversy, and for which Google apologized.

In the wake of this incident, AI Tool Gemini has been temporarily shut down. Let us know the latest announcement.

What’s the problem?

In relation to Google Gemini, the company was able to make big claims about its accuracy. However, a couple of days after its release the Image Generative AI feature has been removed.

The AI tool has made errors with some of the photos from the past. In addition, this tool was also accused of creating racist images, and Google has shut down this tool for a period of time.

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Elon Musk, too, took an issue with the media.

Elon Musk is also poked fun at the errors in the image-generation tool that Google uses to generate images.

Musk has said that he’s glad that Google’s AI image-generation tool has revealed its anti-civilization, racist programming.

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Gemini’s biased comment on PM Modi

A biased response to a question regarding the PM Narendra Modi’s policies in Gemini AI. In the same way, when a similar question was posed about the former US president Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, Gemini was cautious in its response.

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