Google has renamed Bard to Gemini and introduced a paid version that utilizes an upgraded and more potent AI model

Google has renamed Bard to Gemini
Google has renamed Bard to Gemini

Google has renamed Bard to Gemini: One year ago today Google launched Bard, its AI-powered ChatGPT competitor. Bard used the LaMDA model.

Google switched over to Gemini last December. The service will now adopt the name that is associated with the model. Goodbye, Bard. Hello, Gemini.

Gemini now uses the Gemini Pro 1.0 Model. It’s available in more than 230 countries, and it knows 40 languages. You can access this through the web interface (here’s link) or the Gemini app.

You can chat with it via text or voice. Gemini, however, is “multi-modal”, which means that you can give it an image as input or request it to create one.

Gemini is free, but it’s now the tier-2 option – Google has also announced Gemini Advanced powered by Gemini Ultra 1.0.

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After a free 2-month trial, Advanced will cost you $20/EUR22/PS19/Rs1,950 for the Google One AI Premium Plan.

The Google One Premium service costs $10 and includes 2TB storage. Google will soon enable Gemini for Gmail, Google Docs, and other services (this was originally called “Duet AI”) Gemini Advanced will be available in 150+ different countries today, but only in English.

Download the Gemini app on Android or iOS.

Gemini replaces the Google Assistant on Android. It can be activated by saying “Hey Google”, pressing the power button, or any other way you choose.

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You can ask Google to summarize a news article you’re reading, or create a caption to a picture.

Gemini will still support the old voice controls – such as setting timers and making calls or controlling smart home devices.



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