Google Pixel Watch 3 can come in two different sizes

Google Pixel Watch 3
Google Pixel Watch 3

Google Pixel Watch was a great entry into the smartwatch market, but a major weakness – available in the same size (41mm). This disappointed many users who demanded a big option. However, it seems that Google is listening, as rumors are flying that upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3 can come in two different sizes, allowing a wide range of users to be adjusted.

So, People want to know the truth behind of Google Pixel Watch 3 can come in two different sizes rumor. That’s why today we will talk about this feature. Let’s get Started!

Google Pixel Watch 3 can come in two different sizes

According to a report by 9to5google, Google is considering launching Pixel Watch 3 in at least two sizes. The exact size is yet unknown, but the larger option will definitely be larger than the current 41mm pixel watch. Large case sizes can have many possible benefits:

Large display: The larger case will allow more display to real estate, making it easier to read and see the material. It may also mean 1.3 inches or larger displays, which will significantly increase the Pixel Watch experience.

Long Battery Life: The big case can accommodate the big battery, which can improve a significant improvement in the battery life of Pixel Watch 3. Pixel Watch 2 already offers 24-hour allways-on display time, but a large battery can potentially move it even further.

More health sensors: The larger case can make space to include new health sensors, making Pixel Watch 3 a more versatile fitness tracker.

Better Fit:  Different sizes will ensure better fit for users with different size wrist. This will be a significant improvement for those who feel that 41mm pixel watch 2 is very small or uncomfortable on their wrist.

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Potential challenges

Although a big pixel watch 3 can provide many benefits, there are some possible challenges:

Price hike: Large case and better specs are expected to cost higher price, making Pixel Watch 3 already more expensive at the premium price point.

Band Compatibility: If the larger Pixel Watch 3 uses different band sizes, the current 20mm pixel watch 2 bands will not be compatible with it. This can be an inconvenience for users who have already invested in the collection of the band.

Design change: The larger case can also affect the overall design. Google must ensure that the larger Pixel Watch 3 is still comfortable and stylish, even if it is heavy.

Google Pixel Watch 3 Launch date and potential value

Pixel Watch 3 is expected to be launched around October 2024, corresponding to the launch pattern of the last two Pixel Watch models. There is no information about the price at the moment, but the existing Pixel Watch 2 is likely to be slightly higher than the price of large size options.

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