How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status?

How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp
How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp

Keeping up with the changes in WhatsApp can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the recent addition of the Channels feature this has become more irritating that people are asking How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status?

In this article we will tell you How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status? So if you ever need to remove WhatsApp Channels from your account this detailed guide will provide you with step by step instructions on how to do so.

How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status?

Here are the steps to remove channels from Whatsapp status:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Old Version

  • You may open your device’s Chrome Browser.
  • Type “ApkMirror” in the search box and search for the official ApkMirror website.
  • Find the search option at the top of ApkMirror website.
  • Search for “WhatsApp.”
  • Download WhatsApp old version, exactly
  • Get and install this old WhatsApp version.

Step 2: Setting up of Old Version

Then, after downloading WhatsApp’s older version successfully, you will be asked to enter your cell phone number.

Step 3: Remove WhatsApp Channel Upgrade

Upon finishing the setup process, the WhatsApp Channel update will be automatically removed from your WhatsApp so as to restore previous functionality of the application as well as bring back the former WhatsApp status option.

By following these steps you can remove Whatsapp channels and go back to Whatsapp previous version which has basic status functionality. Keep in mind that the features and updates on Whatsapp differ and it is important to know when they are officially announced or changes occur to their app.

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How to Disable Channels Feature in WhatsApp?

There are many people who are searching for how to disable channels feature in WhatsApp because they prefer to disable the Channels feature entirely instead of removing it, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp

First things first, remove WhatsApp’s most recent version from your device.

Step 2: Download the Old Version

Next, get the September 8th, 2016 version of WhatsApp from ApkMirror.

Step 3: Install and Set Up

  • On your device, install the previous version of WhatsApp.
  • Just like you would with a standard WhatsApp installation, set it up with your phone number.
  • In this older version of WhatsApp, the Channels feature will be permanently disabled after setup is finished.
  • If you are using an older version of WhatsApp that does not have the Channels feature, you can effectively disable it by following these steps.

How To Delete WhatsApp Channel Update?

Here are the steps to delete WhatsApp Channel update from your device:

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp

Uninstall your device’s latest WhatsApp update. Long-press your WhatsApp icon on either your home screen or app drawer, and choose uninstall.

Step 2. Download the old version

Visit ApkMirror or a reliable site that provides previous versions of WhatsApp. Get an older version of WhatsApp before the Channel update.

Step 3. Install the old version

Install the old version of WhatsApp in your device. This is done by opening the downloaded APK file and then following the installation prompts.

Step 4. Verify WhatsApp

Open the old version of WhatsApp after you are done installing it. Use your phone number to verify yourself and set up your account as you always do.

Step 5. Deleted Whatsapp Channel Update

Your Whatsapp will be reverted back to its previous state if you install an earlier version that does not include Whatsapp Channel update.


In this article we discussed How To Remove Channels From WhatsApp Status? By following these steps, you can effectively eliminate unwanted channels from your WhatsApp status and regain control over what you watch on it.

Don’t forget it’s important to customize your status feed so that you see the updates that are most important to you.

Whether you like seeing updates from people or prefer a slate without any channels now you have the ability to personalize your status experience.

So go ahead and dive into the realm of WhatsApp statuses knowing that you can curate your feed to match your own preferences and interests.


Q. How can I disable WhatsApp status channels?

Answer. If you have not updated your WhatsApp then you can still use the old version of WhatsApp that doesn’t have a feature called channels. Whereas, if you’ve made an update on Android, you can also backup chats, uninstall this new version and install the older one.

Q. How do I get rid of channels on WhatsApp?

Answer. On mobile or web, access your channel by clicking it from the Updates tab or Channels page respectively.Find and click/tap on your channel in the Updates tab for mobile/Channels page on web.Next, click/tap on delete channel.Delete channel > Delete.

Q. What are whatsapp channels? Answer. WhatsApp Channels acts as a one-way broadcasting tool where administrators can send different types of content such as text messages, pictures, videos, stickers or polls.The company is working on a searchable directory to assist the users to find channels specific to their interests.

Q. Can we have channels in Whatsapp?

Answer. Yes you can, just go to Channels feature on your WhatsApp account. Channels feature has been launched globally by Whatsapp with Meta ownership including India. Channels are used to send messages, pictures, videos etc ad infinitum.

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