Huge discounts available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14: Which one to buy?

Huge discounts available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14
Huge discounts available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14

Huge discounts available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14: Ever since it was launched a few months ago Apple’s popular iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 has unexpectedly received major price reductions.

For those who have been eyeing these flagship phones but waiting for an option there’s good news; Flipkart is currently offering a discount of Rs 9,901 on the iPhone 15 without any terms or conditions attached.

In this article we will tell you about Huge discounts available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14. We will help you in making a good buying decision.

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Discounts on iPhone 15 VS iPhone 14

The iPhone 15 is available on for a price starting at about Rs 69,999. This was reduced from the initial cost of Rs 79,900. The latest version of this device can now be bought at Rs 69,998 only.

No one could imagine that the phone would receive a huge flat discount four months after its release in the market. Thus, by adding up the Rs 4,000 off we have on HDFC Bank Credit Card, the price will effectively become Rs 65,999.

Currently, the storage model with 128GB memory capacity is selling at just Rs.55,999 on Flipkart. Customers are going to get it at a flat discount of Rs 13,901 from its retail price of Rs.69,900.

When it comes to prices there is a marginal difference between them as they are only separated by Rs 1,000 plus bank offer available for iPhone 15 further widens this disparity gap.

The standard version of the iPhone 15 delivers a smooth performance is also available at a discount. For a user experience, those who prioritize top tier gaming capabilities, heavy duty tasks and exceptional camera quality might want to consider opting iPhone 15.

Therefore anyone who can spend around Rs 66,000 on an iphone must think about purchasing an Apple iPhone 15 despite having great android phones such as the OnePlus 12 available in approximately the same budget range.

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Huge discount available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14: Which one to buy?

The latest iPhone 15 features a punch hole design that enhances the screen’s allure. The display is characterized by quality and vibrant colors. The device surpasses the iPhone 14 in every way.

Significant advancements have been made to the camera resulting in improved colors, sharpness and details. The camera now captures color reproduction, sharpness and detail. Battery life has also seen improvements allowing for a day of usage, with moderate use.

If you are already deeply integrated into Apple’s ecosystem, the iPhone 15 is a perfect choice. However if you already own an iPhone 12 or 13 upgrading to the iPhone 15 will provide the best experience. It will make you feel the difference in the latest iOS features that earlier models did not have.



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