Warning Issued by US Health Agency Regarding Unique Features in Smartwatches and Smart Rings

Warning Issued by US Health Agency
Warning Issued by US Health Agency

Warning Issued by US Health Agency: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about smart watches as well as smart rings.

FDA said they are not accurate because the glucose monitoring feature that comes with these devices isn’t reliable since it claims to measure it without putting needles into the body. This could cause a flurry of shock for manufacturers of smartphones or ring.

The popularity of smart watches has risen significantly in the past couple of years due to the fact that the public has been shifting toward the technology.

The main reason behind this is the health-related features that it has that let you know about any major changes in your body with just one click.

Often, we hear that an Apple Watch feature Apple Watch saved a person’s life. In these situations it is common to be aware this feature isn’t right?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is informing patients, consumers caregivers, patients, and health professionals about the potential risks of the use of smartwatches and smart rings. This could affect large companies such as Apple as well as Samsung.

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Alert received about smartwatches and rings

Noise ColorFit Caliber 3 Smartwatch

The FDA has notified the FDA regarding a characteristic of smart watches or smart rings which claims to monitor blood sugar levels without cutting the skin. But, the Apple Watch and any other smartwatch does not have a monitor feature.

As per the FDA the devices are different from smartwatches that display information from FDA-approved blood glucose measurement tools like Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) that penetrate the skin.

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The press release said that FDA has not approved or endorsed any smartwatch or smartring that is designed to measure or calculate blood glucose levels.

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