Xiaomi Issues Warning as Applying UV Screen Protector on Smartphones Could Invalidate Warranty, Raises Concerns over Rising Costs

UV Screen Protector
UV Screen Protector

UV Screen Protector: Xiaomi has notified users of the social network X (formerly Twitter) about the risks of screen protectors used on smartphones.

The subsidiary of Xiaomi Redmi India said that UV screen protectors can harm phones. This is not all but due to this, the components of your phone might be damaged too and the warranty could also expire.

Xiaomi is releasing an announcement for users of smartphones that utilize screen protectors that have UV adhesive on their phones screens.

The company posted the information through a post shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

Xiaomi stated that the protector could protect the phone from scratches. However, because of it, warranty for the phone could also be cancelled.

Redmi India shared the post

Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi has provided details about the process of putting UV protections on its posts. The company stated that the protectors are fitted to the phone using the aid using UV glue.

If the glow is not properly applied the light may reach sensitive parts of the phone, such as buttons and speakers.

Because of this, the phone could experience problems such as frequent restarts, weak quality of sound from the speaker, and buttons not functioning properly.

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What exactly are UV screen protections?

Screen protectors with UV are popular with users of smartphones. A particular type of adhesive is employed for these screen protectors, which provides more coverage and greater durability.

Particularly for phones with curved screens, where standard screen protectors aren’t effective.

Sticker adhesive can be found in standard screen protectors that are available on the market.

However, UV screen protectors make use of liquid glue that can cause damage to the device when applied.

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What’s the risk?

It’s evident from the post of Redmi India that the UV screen protector could help protect you from scratches, but because of it the parts of the device could be damaged.

Once the UV light hits the UV light, it immediately stays on the spot. This means that the components of your smartphone could be damaged, and your warranty could also be voided.

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