Elon Musk Sparks Controversy on Google Over Gemini – Reveals Major Revelation

Elon Musk Sparks Controversy on Google
Elon Musk Sparks Controversy on Google

Elon Musk Sparks Controversy on Google: Musk who is always being talked about is taking a swipe at Google. Musk has been critical of Google for its AI image-making capability of Gemini chatbot, claiming it is absurd and anti-civilization.

Musk has focused attention on the historically inaccurate images produced by chatbots, while making a case against Google’s programming.

Recently, Google has been featured in news media for its AI image-generation feature. Let us inform you that in recent times, some historically incorrect photos depicting World War II soldiers and America’s founders have been crafted by the Gemini chatbot. To make matters worse, Musk has taunted it by calling it’very careful’.

Musk used the assistance from his platform for social networking X to accomplish this. Musk described Google “crazy” and “anti-civilization in his post and claimed that the company was rushing the creation of images by Gemini’s AI.

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Taunted through post

Musk wrote in the blog post that he was happy Google was a part of the AI-generated images, since it made their anti-civilization, racist programming obvious to all.

In addition, the the leader Vivek Ramaswamy expressed his displeasure towards Google. He claimed that Google’s infamous launch of the LLM confirmed it was James Damore was 100% correct about being in Google’s intellectual echo chamber.

He also said that the personnel who worked on Gemini definitely realized that being so flagrantly racist was a mistake however, they kept their mouths shut as they did not wish to be fired as Damore.

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Gemini’s AI generation has been banned

After a number of controversies after a series of controversies, the company has ended the ability to generate images for Gemini AI chatbot.

The company also admitted it was aware that Gemini “has made some historical depiction errors” and also that a new version will be available shortly.

Concerning Gemini’s issue with text-to-image, Google wrote that we are working immediately to improve the quality of these images.

Gemini’s AI image generation technology can help an array of users. This is a great factor because everyone around the world utilize it.

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