Android XLoader Malware: Exactly Looks Like Chrome, Threat, Strikes Before Detection: Users Beware!

Android XLoader malware
Android XLoader malware

Security experts in cyber security have recently announced a new version of the Android Xloader malware. The malware is run automatically and snatchs sensitive data of the victim’s Android device.

SMS text is the primary way to spread the malware. A brief URL is transmitted via text messages. When you click on the link, are required to run Android. Android installer file.

Security experts from the cyber world have recently released a brand new version of the Android XLoader malware.

It is a infection runs on autopilot and steals sensitive data of the victim’s Android device.

How do malware works?

The latest Version of Android Xloader malware has been created by a threat-maker known as Roaming Mantis. SMS text is a way for spreading malware.

A brief URL is included via messages. When the link is clicked the user is then prompted to download the Android installation file to install the mobile application.

Android XLoader Malware looks like Chrome

According to a report by BleepingComputer, researchers from McAfee have identified a new variant of the XLoader malware.Once it’s installed on the device of the user it is launched automatically and then becomes active.

The malware is able to trick users by using it’s name Chrome. It actually styles its R to Chrome as italics. By using the name Chrome it requests the user’s consent to be run on the background.

XLoader will prompt users to customize their default SMS app, supporting multiple languages such as English, French, Japanese, Hindi, and German.

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What kind of information does the malware steal information from users?

We’ll let you know that McAfee has notified Google about the latest XLoader malware. If activated on a phone of the user the malware is able to steal information such as passwords, texts photographs, contacts, hardware data such as IMEI, SIM, and serial numbers of devices.

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Android users are advised to take this action immediately.

Android customers are requested to activate the Google Play Protect feature in the phone in order to prevent malware. With the Google Play Protect feature, any malware application cannot be accessed by the phone.

We will tell you that this feature is enabled automatically by Google to its users. However, some users block this feature on the Play Store.

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How do I enable Google Play? Protect

1.First first, you need to open the Google Play Store.

2.Now you need to select the profile image in the right side in the upper right corner of your screen.

3.Now you need to switch on the feature by selecting Play Protect.

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